Flex-Fund Solutions

Flexible Funding Solutions

Flexible Funding Solutions

As Funding Specialists, we are a strategic referral source for a privately funded advance company capable of funding small- to medium-size businesses from $5,000 to $4,000,000.  We concentrate our niche on merchants who do not get approved for conventional financing.  In today’s world even credit-worthy businesses can’t find the funds they’re looking for, forcing them to seek alternative methods for financing inventory, remodeling, upgrades, debt consolidation, emergencies and working capital.  Whatever their needs may be, we find financing solutions uniquely tailored to fit the needs of growing businesses…just like yours!

Although these funds are available from coast-to-coast, Synergize Inc forms individual relationships with each and every client.  Our agile size permits us to be more adaptable and innovative, which in return allows us to move faster than larger institutions.

Although each program can be modified each client, the basic foundation tends to be one of three programs:

  1. Traditional Bank program
  2. Receivable Financing (credit card factoring)
  3. Flex Funds (a version of a business line-of-credit).


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