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Perry T Plotkin is a highly-versatile “Solution Strategist” that champions for individuals, groups and organizations on how to synergize their resources for success.  He has adapted himself and multi-tasked within industrial, corporate, academic, research laboratory, and self-employed cultures; both solo and on teams.  The experience gained has built a diverse skill-set, which includes strengths in written/verbal/interpersonal/technical communication, team-building, adaptability, and integrity which all compliment his experimental research, engineering, machine-shop, electro-mechanical, laser, software, analytical, financial, and management skills.

His ongoing passion is designing synergized strategies for upcoming change.  Years later, while still continuing his work in many of the above arenas, he has currently added the role of “Solution Strategist” with the company Synergize, Inc.  This provides an additional conduit for applying his creative problem-solving skills to the needs and wants of individuals desiring a clear path from who they are now, to where they want to go.  These services are expanded to include entrepreneurship, conflict-resolution, match-making, and ongoing coaching.  This is also scaled up to encompass the key players of joint ventures, groups and organizations for building synergized teams that naturally bring results and success.


Hiring a consultant who is familiar with this many different areas of business provides maximum versatility in solutions for YOU.  Why limit yourself?  Contact the lead strategist now at:

Perry T Plotkin

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