Cash Infusions (MONEY!)

Nowadays, it’s not easy to qualify for:

  • Startup loans,
  • Expansion loans,
  • Remodeling loans,
  • Residential real estate loans,
  • Commercial real estate loans,
  • Refi loans,
  • Factoring loans,
  • Risky loans,
  • Safe loans,
  • Just about anything….

So where are you supposed to get the cash infusions your business needs to grow, go, or just plain survive???

PRIVATE INVESTORS, that’s where!  While the banking system has had its “easy money” pendulum swing waaay too far the other way now over to “no money”, there are many funding sources that are more than happy to help you.  WHY would they do that?  Because they also are not being helped by the banks, in the form of terrible returns on their savings.  As you already know, 1% CD’s are as good as it gets, and aren’t even a sliver of the real inflation rate.  Since nobody likes to see their savings evaporate away, they can get much better rates of return by investing in the right businesses and deals.  The difference is: they don’t just want a quick one-time return, they want the businesses to succeed so that there can be a long-term funding relationship established.  WIN-WIN for the long haul.  Thus, their savvy underwriting teams are committed to determining the BEST structure for the deal so that you can thrive, not just survive.  That often means longer pay-back periods than the competition.  And the cost of money is almost always lower in the first place, thus those savings can be passed down to YOU the borrower.

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